Where’s the Lather?

Felted soap with candle, champagne, and towel

When first discovering a bar of our luxurious, handmade felted soap, you’ll probably be excited and want to try it out right away. Maybe you set aside a quiet evening to relax in a nice warm bath — lights dimmed, candles lit, soft music playing in the background, a glass of bubbly or a cup of herbal tea, and your new, aromatic felted soap in hand. You quickly dip your felted soap into the water and expect it to lather up immediately like a regular bar of soap, but not much soap comes through the felted wool.

PAUSE — Your felted soap needs a little coaxing at first to get that wonderful lather working. Before you try it out in the bath or shower, soak your new felted soap in a bowl of hot water overnight. This will help soften the hard, cured bar of soap encased inside the wool covering.

Felted soap in bowl of water

After soaking your felted soap overnight, remove it from the bowl of water and knead it a few times. The suds will start to appear and now you’re ready to use your felted soap for its duration.

PLAY — You dip your nicely soaked felted soap into your bath water, knead it a bit and enjoy the rich lather, the aromatic wafts of the natural essential oils, and the gentle exfoliating experience of the wool casing.

Let’s face it, most of us don’t usually have time to take a nice long bath, but you can still pamper yourself during your shower ritual with your newly purchased and pre-soaked felted soap. Just soak it under the shower water for a few seconds, knead it to coax out the soap suds and rub gently on your skin. Easy peasy!

Using felted soap in the bath

Remember, each time you use your felted soap in the shower or bath, make sure to wring it out between uses and store it away from resting water to prevent molding.

Time to treat yourself to your favorite fragrances and colors — or better yet, treat yourself and a loved one!