DIY Wool Pom Pom Garlands

Felted Pom Pom Garland Hanging from Mantle

Oh what fun to hang festive and colorful handmade garlands on your holiday tree, adorn the banister of your bed, or use as decorations for your upcoming engagement party, baby shower, or birthday party.  If you followed our DIY Wool Pom Poms blog, you already know how to make the pom poms. It’s so easy! If you’d rather buy premade pom poms, there are a myriad of choices online. 

Once you get the hang of making these garlands, you’ll be tempted to make them for every occasion and be able to add just the right finishing touches in your curated color palette. 


  • Felted wool pom poms in your color(s) of choice. 

***To make a 10’ garland you’ll need about 60 pom poms***

  • String – embroidery floss, Baker’s cotton string, fingerling weight yarn or fishing line
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape

    Workspace Set Up for DIY Garland

Set Up:

STEP 1: Cut a 3 ½ yards length of string. This ensures enough extra length to make loops on either end of your garland with a finished length of about 10’. 

String Looped Around Palm

STEP 2: Make a loop at one end by wrapping the cut length of string around the palm of your hand, slipping off and knotting at one end. Set aside.

Knotted Loop

 STEP 3: If you want to arrange your pom poms ahead of time, place each color in a small pile or bowl in the order you want to string them, or just have fun randomly selecting colors as you go.

Piles of Sorted Felted Pom Poms

    How to:

    STEP 1: Thread your needle and push the needle through the center of your first pom pom. The needle should go through fairly easily, but you can use a thimble to protect your fingers if you need to push harder.

    Threaded Felted Pom Pom

    Pull the pom pom all the way down to the loop at the end of your length of string.

    Felted Pom Pom Pulled to End of String

       STEP 2: To ensure that your pom pom doesn’t slip back and forth, run a tiny stitch through the top of the pom pom where you just pulled the string through and knot it to hold in place.

      Stitch at Center of Threaded Pom Pom

        Creating Knot of String

        Almost Knotted String

        Knotted Pom Pom

        STEP 3: Now select your next pom pom and push your needle through the center, pulling the string all the way through the pom pom until it almost reaches the previous pom pom. Lay the string down and hold three fingers between the first pom pom and the next to establish even spacing.

        Three Finger Spacing Between Pom Poms

        Then run a tiny stitch through the top of the pom pom and knot just as before in step 2. 

        Knotted Second Pom Pom

        STEP 4: Continue steps 1-3 until you’ve strung all your pom poms and come to almost the end of your string, leaving about 12”.

        Four Colors of Felted Pom Poms Strung

        STEP 5: Finish off your garland by making another loop.

        Finished Felted Pom Pom Garland
        Now comes the fun part! Where will you hang your garland? Maybe you want to hang sentimental cards or photos in a central location in your home, adorn your mantle to add extra cheer, or gift someone special with your handmade creation. Have fun making multiple strands and tying them together so you can span a large space. 

        Felted Pom Pom Garland Hanging from Mantle

        There are so many creative ways to use your handmade pom poms. In future posts, we’ll explore other fun things to craft with your pom poms.