DIY Felted Wool Pom Pom Coasters


Completed DIY Wool Pom Poms

There are so many fun things to make with felted pom poms. We’ve always been drawn to these whimsical yet functional felted pom pom coasters.

If you’ve been following our blogs, you know how to make felted wool pom poms and are halfway to knowing how to make felted pom pom coasters. No worries if you haven’t learned how to make wool pom poms. Just hop on over to our DIY Wool Pom Poms blog. Or look online for a wide selection of colors and sizes.


Materials for DIY Pom Pom Coasters


STEP 1: Place a dot of glue in the middle of your canvas coaster and then press your first pom pom firmly down on the hot glue dot. Hold the pom pom down until the glue cools slightly and the pom pom stays in place.

Applying Wool Pom Pom to hot glue dot
STEP 2: Select your next 4 pom poms, then place a line of hot glue on the canvas circle. 

4 selected Wool Pom Poms

Hold them all firmly down, tightly together against the first pom pom. Allow the glue to cool a bit so that the 4 pom poms are securely attached to each other. 

Applying 4 Wool Pom Poms to canvas
STEP 3: Select 2 more pom poms to complete the middle portion of the coaster, forming a flowerlike shape. Place a line of hot glue on the canvas circle and press the 2 pom poms into place, holding firmly until the glue has cooled a bit. 

6 Wool Pom Poms glued to canvas
6 Wool Pom Poms glued to canvas circle

STEP 4: Continue connecting pom poms side by side until you have the canvas circle almost completely covered. To finish the last row, place a bead of glue onto one pom pom at a time to carefully press against the row of pom poms you just glued on. Each pom pom will rest partially on the canvas circle, pressed against a pom pom, and partially off, which will mostly hide the canvas underneath. 

STEP 5: Let your first coaster dry while you complete the rest of your set.

4 Wool Pom Pom Coasters laying out to dry

Make a larger size with a cork base, to use as a colorful trivet

Cork trivet covered with wool pom poms

Give them as a gift with a set of mugs and some tea.

Gift basket with DIY Wool Pom Pom Coasters

We haven’t run out of ideas for other fun things to make with pom poms. Watch out for future posts where we’ll explore home décor items you can easily make.