DIY Felted Acorns

Scattered Felted Acorns

Nature generously provides a myriad of collectable treasures all year round. We just couldn’t resist filling our pockets to the brim with the fallen acorns scattered all about the trail on our brisk morning walks. 

If you’ve been following our blogs, you know how to make wool pom poms and are halfway to knowing how to make these irresistible and easy to make felted acorns. No worries if you haven’t learned how to make wool pom poms. Just hop on over to our DIY Wool Pom Poms blog.


  • Acorn Caps
  • Wool roving in your color(s) of choice
  • Bowl of hot, soapy water (a few drops of any liquid soap will do)
  • Bath towel
  • Hot Glue Gun


STEP 1: Follow steps 1-6 of our DIY Wool Pom Poms blog.

Workspace for Felted Acorns

STEP 2: Rinse and squeeze out any excess soap and water from your finished pom poms. You can shape the tips by holding onto one side of the wet pom pom and pinching the tip of the other side of each pom pom. 

Pinching Wool Balls


STEP 3: Lay wet and shaped pom poms out to dry.

Drying Felted Acorn Pom Poms

STEP 4: Squeeze hot glue into acorn caps and push is dry pom poms, holding the pointed end.

Hot Glue Applied to Acorn Cap

Fitting Felted Acorn Ball into Acorn Cap

Fitted Felted Acorn Balls in Acorn Caps


STEP 5: Make as many as you’d like, then use them to embellish a wreath

Felted Acorn Wreath


Enliven your table decor

Festive Autumn Table

Felted Acorn Napkin Ring


Glue felted acorns to the stem of an uncarved pumpkin

Decorated Pumpkin


Display in a geode bowl, basket or a vase

Felted Acorn Bowl Display


Make this fun sorting game

Sorted Felted Acorns in Geode Bowls

Watch out for our holiday posts where we explore other fun things to make with pom poms.